Focal Maritime

Focal Maritime Services at WWSA General Assembly in Abu Dhabi


Mr Godwin Xerri and Mr Jonathan Xerri of Focal Maritime have attended the annual General Assembly of World Wide Shipping Agents Association (WWSA) in Abu Dhabi between the 24th and 26th of October 2016. Apart from the usual one to one meetings administered with every member, the whole association was greeted with a presentation from the newly appointed members of WWSA namely :


-          Mrs Ana Monteiro of All Brokerage Solutions in Angola


-          Mr Tom Schellekens for Hellenic Shipping Agencies in Greece


Furthermore the best WWSA agent for 2016 was awarded to Agencia Mairitima Dulce of Argentina. During the two day meetings, the Association was also given a detailed presentation by Braemar Group, which have been in operation since 1800’s and are involved in project cargo and services provided to mitigate some of the risks that are encountered during transit from shipper to consignee premises. At the end of the General Assembly, all members attended the Middle East Breakbulk exhibition.


WWSA's geographical coverage continues to improve, with plans of extending their reach into the Far-East, East Africa and South America west coast. During the month of November, the secretary of the Association Mr Henri Versluys will be travelling to East-Africa meeting companies in Mombassa, Dar-es-Salaam and Maputo, with the hope of recruiting new members into the continuously growing network.


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