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Positive feedback for Focal Maritime Services


Among other services, Focal Maritime Services provides Port Agency and Shiphusbanding services to clients calling at Malta as well as to vessels which require support when sailing by Malta and which do not need to enter port. The company’s experienced staff ensure the most efficient turnaround of the clients’ ships during their port stay. Coordination of all necessary activities is provided in the best interest of the ship and cargo owners, which includes maintaining close contact with authorities and all other parties involved.

In line with the quality requirements of ISO 9001:2008, Focal Maritime presents these clients with a survey to obtain their feedback. The aim of the survey is to assess the principals’ satisfaction, as well as to improve their experience when using  the company’s services. The principals’ perception of their relationship with the company’s personnel and with the services that the company offers is essential in order for the company to provide a more efficient and effective service.

The survey focuses on the principals’ experience with the company as well as their judgement of the company’s performance, which includes communication, knowledge, language, and cordiality, with the majority of the respondents giving top marks to these qualities. According to the feedback obtained from the survey during the past year, respondents confirm that their overall judgement of the company’s services as good (34%) and excellent (66%), particularly when compared to competitors. The majority of the respondents also confirmed that the company’s quick response to their queries and quotations are good or excellent.  The majority of positive responses, which show that most of the principals are highly satisfied with the company’s services, prompted the principals to confirm that they will be using the company’s services again. This positive feedback also ensures that the company is successfully adhering to the prinicpals’ expectations.        

Regardless of the positive response, the company aims to continue making specific efforts to improve further the end product presented to its clients. 


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