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WWSA appoints Malta to the Board of Directors and introduces new members at Annual Assembly


On 13 May, the World Wide Ship Agency Association (WWSA) whose member in Malta is Focal Maritime Services, held its annual general assembly in Antwerp, Belgium.  Since its inception in 2007, the WWSA has held a general assembly of members to coincide with Breakbulk Europe held in Antwerp each May and this year the Association took the opportunity of the general assembly to elect the new board of directors, which for the first time includes Malta through the appointment of Godwin Xerri, the managing director of Focal Maritime Services, who has been appointed to serve for a four year period.  At the assembly, new members representing South Africa, Canada and Iran were welcomed to the organization, bringing current membership to a total of 39 countries.


The WWSA is a network of independent, first-class ship agency and logistics companies.  Only one member company is selected to represent a single country, on the basis of exceptionally high standards and practices rigorously vetted by the organization and its staff.   The WWSA serves as a networking tool for the member companies and provides resources to expand member exposure to the worldwide shipping community.   For vessel owners and operators, the WWSA’s membership quality standards assure first-class service and financial soundness vitally important in today’s market.


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