Focal Maritime

Exportation of Hazardous Waste


Focal Maritime Services are heavily involved in the exportation of hazardous waste both within the EU market and other International markets. This is made possible through the used Chemical Grade Tank Containers and ISO-Veyors. These specialised tank containers, offer PH type ISO-Veyors for powders with relative particle size less than 100 microns and GH type ISO-Veyors for granules with relative particle size greater than 100 microns. As ISO-Veyors can be discharged in the horizontal position without the need for tipping, this leads to a reduced risk of accidents and represents a major improvement to the safety of on-site deliveries. Also, top-loading hatches allow for simple filling via gravity and due to the sealed nature of the filling, transport and discharge, there is no need for human intervention at any time. 

To accommodate its clients with a variety of options, Focal Maritime is also certified to cater the handling of dangerous and hazardous goods by airfreight through its IATA Dangerous goods accreditation.

All types of cargo are accepted subject to the acceptance of the shipping line / airline, from and to all destinations. Our main objective is to provide you with a one stop shop by giving you a comprehensive service.

For further details and rates, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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