Focal Maritime

Focal Maritime Services marks its 15th Anniversary


The 20th of June 2012 marked the  15th anniversary from the company’s formation and registration with MFSA. This is a milestone in the company’s history which continues to offer its clients support services for the handling of ships when calling Maltese ports and logistics services for clients needing to transport cargo.

Throughout its 15 years history the company has adapted and adjusted to the changing markets conditions while remaining faithful to its core mission to be a client driven company responding to the needs of its clients. This commitment has been evidenced by two primary developments, namely :

The move from a shipping agency to a provider of logistics services, including providing services for cargo which needs to move by air , and

The accreditation of the company to the standards of ISO  1900 – 2008

The company continues to invest in the improvement of its existing services and the development of  new activities.

None of this would have been possible and no development can be achieved without the dedication, commitment and training of the company’s personnel who remain the main asset of the company. The services provided by Focal Maritime  can only be made relevant to the client if the company employees are aware of the strengths of the services and the needs of the clients. This calls for a client driven mentality which Focal Maritime continues to endorse as its prime motivation.


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