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Lufthansa Dangerous Goods Training Module


On the 7th of March 2011, Focal Maritime staff attended a training course regarding Dangerous Goods at the Westin Dragonara Resort, St. Julians. This course was organized by Lufthansa Cargo.


The Lufthansa Dangerous Goods Training Module focused mainly on the DGR 7 and 8 for BUP. The program gave an overview on many aspects as shown clearly below. Various organizations were involved in the airfreight sector, such as:


-The UN Committee of Experts

-The International Atomic Energy Agency

-The International Civil Aviation Organisation

In addition, the course gave a brief overview on the various implications regarding Dangerous Goods, which included:


1.Undeclared (hidden) Dangerous Goods

2.State Variations

3.Operator Variations

4.Characteristics of Hazard labels

5.The different classes of Dangerous Goods mainly from Class 1 to Class 9

6.Handling Labels

7.Packing Groups

8.Markings and Labeling

9.Shipper’s Declaration


11.Loading Principles

12.Notifications to Captain (NOTOC)

13.Radioactive Material



The program covered a vast spectrum of the airfreight sector which will inevitably enhance the individuals’ knowledge and at the same time update on any new developments and procedures with regards to Dangerous Goods.


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