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Agents in Malta for TMCL Container Line


TMCL Container Line is a fully bonded neutral non-asset based shipping line providing FCL services to and from Europe, North America, India, Pakistan, Middle East, South America, South Africa, and Asia/Oceania amongst others.

TMCL Container Line was established in 2005 and is owned by United Shipping Services AB from Sweden a shareholder with vast experience in shipping business. TMCL Container Line is at present in a very expansive phase adding further trade lanes to its business area.

The head office of TMCL Container Line (TMCL Holding N.V.) is located in Antwerp, Belgium. It is working with dedicated agents around the world. With its ambitions to grow further, TMCL is in the process of appointing additional agents in other core areas.

Recently, TMCL held its 4th Annual Global Agency Meeting in Frankfurt from 18th to 20th January 2011.


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