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K Line adopts Fetid-Free Container Paint


Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd., (K-Line), has decided on adoption of a new brand of paint for all containers procured in the future. The new brand contains much less of the customary offensive odor associated with other traditional paints. This paint is a new type of product that Chugoku Marine Paints, Limited (CMP) has been successful in making marketable. It was jointly developed through the cooperation of both K-LINE and CMP at the request of our customers.Traditional paints tend to have an unpleasant smell for a period after their manufacture. This smell can be absorbed by merchandise itself in containers during transportation. When this happens to cargo like food products, it often loses their commercial value. It is the Xylene ** contained in paint solvent that results in the bad smell, although it is a substance that it is widely used in paint solvents.

Traditional types of paint solvents contain 10 % to 15 % xylene. No xylene is used in the presently developed paint, enabling us to eventually keep it under control to a significant extent. It can be said that the new paint is more environmentally friendly.

This less offensive smelling paint will be used for all newly built containers that are to be delivered in January 2003. More specifically, before the end of March 2003, K-Line will utilise this innovative product in a total of 22,100 new containers (6,000 x 20′ and 16,100 x 40′).

** Xylene: A volatile organic chemical output from naphtha, used for solvents of paints, printing ink and agricultural chemicals. One of the causes for the syndrome known as ”house sickness” that makes many people feel sick or bad when inhaling air inside a recently built house.


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