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K Line (Thailand) Ltd. Group Starts One-Stop Service for Total Logistics


K Line (Thailand) Ltd. (hereinafter called KTL) and its Group Companies will start to provide “One-Stop Service” effective July 1 by combining the long experience, knowledge, expertise and other assets of the various Group Companies.

KTL has newly established a “Marketing & Sales Division” in its Logistics Department as a window for “One-Stop Service” for customers in Thailand. Based on instructions from the “Marketing & Sales Division,” the Operation Division of KTL and Group Companies will perform logistics services by coordinating the utilization of all available equipment, facilities, systems with its well-trained staff.

The establishment of this service will, at the same time, be totally consistent with “K” LINE’s new three-year management plan (KV-Plan) which was started this April, and it is sincerely hoped this new service will soon be playing an important role in the logistics field in Thailand with the synergy created by constructing our service network to link dot to line and line to plane.

1. Organization of “One-Stop Service”:


(One-Stop Service Window)

- KTL, Marketing & Sales Division, Logistics Department

- KTL, Operation Division, Logistics Department — forwarding, etc.

- KTL Group Companies

- Bangkok Marine Enterprises Ltd. (BME) — land transportation

- K Line Container Service (Thailand) Ltd. (KCST) — logistics center

- Bangkok Cold Storage Service, Ltd. (BCS) — cold storage warehousing

- Jet International Ltd. (JIL) — cold storage transportation

- K Line Air Service (Thailand) Ltd. (KLAS) — air forwarding

- Kawasaki Dowa Agency Ltd. (KDA) — insurance brokerage

- “K” LINE and other shipping lines — marine ransportation

2. Business Line of KTL Logistics Services:

(1) Ocean Transportation (including NVOCC)

(2) Licensed Customs Broker (Export and Import customs clearance)

(3) Inland Transportation (by truck, container chassis and reefer truck)

(4) Warehousing (including off-dock CY/CFS, container yard, cold/frozen storage)

(5) Installation of Machinery

(6) Operation of customer warehouses by dispatching KTL staff

(7) Air Freight Forwarding

(8) Insurance Brokerage

3. Strong points of KTL’s Total Logistics Services:

(1) 38-year-long history with proven and reliable performance

(2) Total power by Group of 7 well-established companies

(3) Multi-lingual including Japanese Correspondence

(4) Providing Logistics Service by utilizing Group-owned Transportation equipment (trucks and trailers, etc) and other various facilities (warehouse, cold storage, etc)

(5) Advanced Information Technology

4. KTL’s IT strategy:

KTL Group has already started to provide EDI Customs Clearance and Through-Payment-System called “From Quotation to Debit Note,” and it has been further decided to introduce the high-level of “Warehouse Management System,” “Customers EDI System” and “Truck & Trailer Operation Management System” which are now in the process of preparation.


For more details kindly contact as follows.

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., Tokyo

Yoshikazu Minagawa, General Manager, Corporate Planning Group

Tel: +81-3-3595-5631 Fax: +81-3-3595-5175


K Line (Thailand) Ltd., Bangkok

Takashi Tonegawa, General Manager, Logistics Department

Tel: +66-2-267-0803 Fax: +66-2-266-2916



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