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Libya Agency and Representation

Our objective is to provide a quality service in Libya to shipowners, contractors, shippers and receivers, based on internationally accepted standards, delivered through local expertise.

The core activities provided in Libya include:
  • Handling of vessels calling at Libyan ports and oil terminals (see below list for more details).
  • Logistics services for project cargoes.
  • Support for participation for tenders issued in Libya, mainly for oil and gas entities.
  • Carriage of cargoes by sea, air and land.
  • Customs clearance, warehousing and land transport.
  • Courier service.
All the services provided are in conformity with and subject to Libyan laws and regulations. Our personnel are supervising all operations undertaken in Libya and ensure continuous update and communication with clients.

The ports and terminals served in Libya include:
  • Tripoli - handling cruise vessels, RoRo & conventional cargo
  • Khoms - main container port servicing the capital city (Tripoli) and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Benghazi - serving main oil refineries and the city of Benghazi itself.
  • Misurata - A conventional port transforming itself into a container terminal. Fast becoming the major container port in Libya.
We also provide handling of tankers and their cargoes in all the principal oil terminals in Libya namely:-
  • Abu Kammash - a small village situated on the western coast of Libya, close to the Tunisian border. Operator: General Company For Chemical Industries.
  • Bouri Oil Terminal - Located approximately 50nm off the Libyan coast, about 150 km north-west of Tripoli, in western Libya.
  • Darna Port - Located in the eastern coast of Libya, between Benghazi and Tobruk. It is a small port, visited by about 80 ships a year.
  • Elbrega Port (Marsa Brega) - Located in the Gulf of Sidrah (the Sirte Gulf), about 270km west of Benghazi city.
  • Marsa al-Hariga Oil Terminal - Situated 1 nautical mile SSW of Tobruk. The oil terminal consists of 2 jetty berths. Operator: Sirt Oil Company.Port Activity: loading crude oil & petrochemical products.
  • Ras Lanouf Oil Terminal - Located in the Gulf of Sidrah (the Sirte Gulf). The offshore oil export terminal, consisting of 2 conventional buoy berths and 2 SPM's, receives approximatelyimately 300 vessels a year.
  • Ras Lanouf Port (RASCO) - Located in the Gulf of Sidrah (the Sirte Gulf), about 600km east of Tripoli, the harbour is protected from the north by Main breakwater and from the east by Lee breakwater. Operator: Ras Lanuf Oil Company.Port activity: loading oil & petrochemical products.
  • As-Sidrah Port (Oil Terminal) - As Sidrah or as-Sidra, located in the Gulf of Sidrah (the Sirte Gulf), is an offshore oil terminal, frequented by about 200 vessels a year.
  • Zawia Port - Located about 50km west of Tripoli, handles about 480 vessels a year.
  • Zueitina Port - Located about 129 km south of Benghazi city, in eastern Libya. The port comprises offshore loading berths for oil tankers and LPG carriers. The port handles about 270 vessels a year. Operator: Zwitina Oil Company. Port Activity: loading crude oil & gas.
Our objective is to provide the necessary peace of mind to our clients for them to do business in Libya with confidence.

For your requirements in Libya please contact us on:-
Vessel Handling and Ship Agency
Contact: Jesmond Abela or Wayne Richard
Direct Line: (+356) 21657678
Mobile: (+356) 99429713 or (+356) 79457343
Fax: (+356) 21657578

Cargo Bookings and Project Cargoes
Contact: Anton Xerri
Direct Line: (+356) 21658293
Mobile: (+356) 99488394
Fax: (+356) 21657578