Focal Maritime

Port Agency & Shiphusbanding

Our experienced and professional staff ensure the most efficient turnaround of our clients’ ships during their port stay. We offer a proactive approach and, in the best interest of the ship and cargo owners, we see it as our duty to coordinate all necessary activities on their behalf, which includes maintaining close contact with authorities and all other parties involved.

  • Proforma disbursement quotations are submitted within the hour from receipt of request.
  • Proforma disbursement accounts are dispatched to owners within 12 hours from ship’s sailing.
  • Final disbursement accounts are sent within 45 days from ship’s sailing from Malta.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays included.
  • We give continuous attendance to the vessel while at Malta.
  • A minimum of twice daily position updates are communicated to owners and other interested parties.
  • Full support for other ancillary services such as embarkation / disembarkation of crew, conveyance launch services, diver services, underwater surveys, on hire and off hire surveys.

We are present in all ports and terminals in Malta including Malta Freeport Terminal, Valletta Gateway Terminals and Oiltanking Facilities.

Our services are extended also to vessels which require support when sailing by Malta and which do not need to enter port. For this purpose we have dedicated launch services for conveyance of personnel and delivery of stores which tie up with our services for meeting and greeting crew, transfer from / to vessel, as well as for customs clearance of cargo and delivery to vessel.

Our objective as a shipping agency is to ensure the quickest turnaround of the vessel in port at the lowest cost possible.

For enquiries on Port Agency & Ship Husbanding, contact us

Direct Line: (+356) 21657678
Mobile: (+356) 99429713
Fax: (+356) 21657578
Contact: Jesmond Abela or Wayne Richard