Focal Maritime


Focal Maritime Services provides yacht agency services in line with the ever-changing complexity of the pleasure and commercial yachting industry, whilst catering to the requirements of the yacht owners and guests. Throughout our history we have endeavoured to be a valid and reliable support to the owner, be it of a vessel or a yacht because we appreciate the trust that the owner puts in our company when entrusting his vessel to us.

This personalized support is delivered in a professional and diligent manner by experienced and discreet personnel who are available on 24/7. We strive to deliver such services at the most competitive rates.

Our aim is to offer a seamless service to both principals and guests visiting the Maltese Islands from the initial stages of planning the vessel’s stay up till departure, thanks to the excellent relations that we enjoy with local authorities and service providers.

Our full range of support services to the yachting industry includes:

  • Customs clearance
  • Berth/pontoon arrangements
  • Technical Support
  • Husbanding including duty free supplies
  • Crew changes
  • Bunkering
  • Shipyard services
  • Maltese Flag

Through our subsidiary company, Combined Maritime Services, we offer also the services for the registration of yachts under the Malta flag.

For enquiries please contact us on:

Direct Line: (+356) 21657678

Mobile: (+356) 99429713


Contact: Jesmond Abela or Wayne Richard